Dr. Brad Fain, Owner

Dr. Brad Fain, Owner

Dr. Judy Looney, Research Associate

Dr. Judy Looney, Research Associate

Walter Bradley Fain


Director, HomeLab

Principal Research Scientist

GTRI/Electronic Systems Laboratory

Georgia Institute of Technology

(678) 321-6527


Intuitive Design Applied Research Institute founder Dr. Brad Fain has more than two decades researching human factors engineering and design. From ease-of-access evaluation and universal design studies to ethnographic research and consumer product design, Fain has pioneered the accessibility testing of products for groups like the Arthritis Association and others, across the globe.

His research has spanned projects from Department of Defense partners to manufacturers, all with underlying goals of human-systems integration. He established Accessibility Evaluation Facility at Georgia Tech, as well as the Institute’s HomeLab, a home-based consumer products testing initiative that recruits everyday individuals to build a virtual test-bed.


  • Developed and published a report on the Accessibility Evaluation Methodology (AEM), which has led to more than 200 accessibility evaluations on greater than 100 projects for national and international customers
  • Spearheaded evaluation efforts for the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease of Use commendation program and Healthshare NSW (New South Wales) nutrition evaluation program
  • Led the National Council on Disability’s universal design research program, to determine the impact of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act on design and procurement of electronic and information technologies
  • Conceived of and led development of an information portal as a resource for his work with the NCD
  • Led the technical portion of the Election Assistance Commission’s Military Heroes Initiative to allow wounded soldiers to place private and secure votes, as well as served as the technical director of the commission’s Accessible Voting Technology Initiative to develop technologies that would facilitate accessible voting for the general population
  • Led the U.S. Army Rapid Equipping Force’s (REF) blast data analysis program to evaluate soldiers’ injuries in the theater of operations

Selected Published Papers

1.     Fain, W. B., "Why Every Usability Professional Should Consider Becoming an Accessibility Professional or at Least Be Good Friends with One." UX Magazine, July, 2010.

2.     Fain, W. B., “Assessment of Workplace Product Accessibility: A human factors perspective,” Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment, and Rehabilitation, 27(4), 371-379, 2006.

3.     Jacko, J. A., Barreto, A. B., Scott, I. U., Chu, J. Y. M., Vitense, H. S.,Conway, F. T., & Fain, W. B., “Macular Degeneration and visual icon use: Deriving guidelines for improved access,” Universal Access in the Information Society, 1(3), 197-206, 2002. 

4.     Walker, N., Fain, W. B., Fisk, A. & McGuire, C, “Aging and decision making: Driving-related problem solving,” Human Factors, 39, 438-444. 



Intuitive Design Applied Research Institute Research Associate Dr. Judy Looney brings 30 years of experience as a market research professional to the IDARI team. Working in both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer spaces, she has held positions with G.E. Plastics (formerly Borg Warner Chemicals), SAAB Cars USA Inc. (a subsidiary of General Motors), BellSouth, BioLab Inc. and provided research to LexisNexis in its Risk, Information & Analysis and Legal Markets divisions, as well as with Lonza Group in its Water Treatment division.

Dr. Looney’s fields of interest include generational differences in people’s perceptions and usage of new technologies, as her dissertation research focused on the key drivers that influence attitudes toward, and adoption of, mobile advertising in generational cohorts. Her personal research interest in Alzheimer’s research focuses on products and services that enhance patients’ quality of life and assist caregivers.

Quantitative and Qualitative Research Expertise

  • Product concept testing
  • Segmentation studies
  • Purchase and usage studies
  • Ethnographic research
  • Brand equity studies and brand positioning
  • Advertising research and pricing studies

Dr. Looney holds certificates in Principles of Marketing Research, University of Georgia, and Advanced Market Research, University of Georgia/American Marketing Association’s School of Advanced Market Research.